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Dave Ashton- Personal Trainer

Dave Ashton- Personal Trainer

Dave has been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years working both as a fitness instructor and personal trainer after completing a degree in Sport & Exercise Science in 1996. Dave has therefore gained many years experience and has a broad knowledge of fitness training and assessment, including weight management, diet & nutrition, muscular toning & development, lifestyle management, sport-specific training, and exercise biomechanics & technique.

Dave will help his clients to balance the key elements of health and fitness, including cardiovascular fitness, strength and core strength, muscle & joint flexibility, and nutrition. Not believing in the quick fix, Dave's main aim is to help his clients make positive, long term lifestyle changes, providing the dietary guidance and exercise knowledge necessary to make health and fitness part of their way of life!

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Studio and Facilities

Pro Balance is a private fitness studio providing a prime training environment with no distractions or interruptions. The service is both professional and confidential.

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usana nutrition products

Usana Nutrition Supplements

You've been the same weight for decades and now you've started putting on weight and struggling to get it off.

Get professional advice on how these products can help you.

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skype work out training

Skype Work Out Sessions

Get Fit with our Skype Sessions and it's easy to do!.

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