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Francois Padrell Personal Trainer and CHEK 3 Physical Specialist

Francois Padrell Personal Trainer and CHEK 3 Physical Specialist

Francois passion for helping people stems from his own misfortune. Almost two decades ago, he was involved in a road traffic accident which left both him and his road bicycle under a truck.

After three months in the intensive care unit, a nine-hour operation, and three surgeons later, miraculously his back was fixed, but it took another year of rehab and personal training to start to recover.

His journey; thinking he would never walk again to full mobility inspired him to want to help others achieve the same. He is exceptionally passionate about training those that others do not want to train.

Even seemingly challenging cases or if you have limited mobility and are on crutches; If you feel you cannot do something, Francois will show you otherwise. With his newfound passion, he immersed himself in learning from the best in the industry across the world, wanting to be the best that he could be in order to impart the knowledge onto others.

To this day his unwavering motivation to help others burns on. Typically Francois clients are people that want to get better.

As a CHEK trained instructor (correction holistic exercise kinesiology), initially, he will analyse your alignment, and identify what areas of your body are not working the way they should.

Over a fully tailored six week course he will concentrate on strength, power, endurance, nutrition, rehabilitation and any other key areas you feel you would like to focus on improving.

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Pro Balance is a private fitness studio providing a prime training environment with no distractions or interruptions. The service is both professional and confidential.

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