Liz Wray Nutrition Coach

Liz is a qualified nutritionist with an Honour’s degree in Nutritional Sciences. Her passion for health and fitness stems from her time as a martial artist; fighting in some incredible countries such as Seoul (South Korea), Spain, and Germany. Now, as a mother, She understands the importance of nutrition and how incorporating those healthy eating habits from a young age can continue into adulthood.

She believes in giving back to the community.  In her spare time, Liz volunteers at local food banks and helps at children’s healthy eating cooking classes. She enjoys keeping up-to-date with nutritional facts by reading articles and reviewing various online studies.

Recently she has been working alongside Manchester United Foundation, where her responsibilities were to evaluate and improve eating habits, hygiene, and physical activity. This fantastic opportunity was a great way to put her knowledge and passion for nutrition and health to good use.

In her role as a nutritionist, she strongly believes an individual’s body composition, energy, and performance can be dramatically improved with the right nutrition and exercise; regardless of age and fitness levels.

When empowered with the knowledge and motivation, small changes to diet and exercise habits have a dramatic impact on your health. She provides individualised nutrition plans to help with those desired health goals.

Liz understands health can often be the last on people’s priority list and as a result, it is often neglected. She is passionate about helping other busy, career-focused individuals, as well as busy families.

She will provide great nutritional support and a plan that works around your lifestyle to help you sustain and create long-lasting healthy habits and results.