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Body MOT Lifestyle Analysis

Body MOT Lifestyle Analysis

It’s amazing isn’t it. We’ll have our car MOT’d every year to ascertain its condition. And we’ll have our heating boiler given its annual service to ensure it’s working correctly

However, when it comes to our most important asset - our body - we rarely, if ever, have it put through a full health and fitness check with the help of a trained and qualified professional.

But our BodyMOT Lifestyle Analysis is your chance to undergo various tests, measurements, comparisons and lifestyle analysis. These include key factors such as postural alignment, muscular strength and endurance, body fat checks, blood pressure and resting heart rate.

The test will either result in one of two findings for you:

Pass and you will be given a BodyMOT Systems UK Ltd TM VT20 Certificate and your next appointment for a further check-up in a year.

Fail and one of our professionals will prescribe lifestyle changes and then you’ll be booked in for a retest in two or three months time.

BodyMOT is a great way of:

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