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How Much Protein Do We Need?

You may already be familiar with protein: protein shakes, protein supplements, macros, Atkins diet, keto diet, but what actually is protein and how much protein do we need a day? Are you getting enough protein or in fact are you…
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Why Should You Eat Healthy?

    The foods that we eat have a big effect on your health and the way we can go about our daily lives – your quality of life. With so much information readily available for what we should and…
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What are the benefits of running?

  Does running come naturally to you or does it take you nearly tripping over your trainers left out the night before to motivate you? Whether you are a regular runner, a recent Boris hour runner or someone who is…
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Pro-Balance in your own home

  We know the reasons why our clients train with us in our Manchester city centre Personal Training studio; they love the professional set up, variety of equipment and accountability of a qualified Personal Trainer. We also know the new…
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What to eat when doing a workout?

Strength and conditioning

What do I need to eat when I exercise?   Exercise whether you have a physically active job, attend the gym or play sports is an important way we burn calories and expend our daily energy. Fuelling yourself before and…
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Even as far back as 300 BC when the term “self-love” was coined by Aristotle, acts of self-love were deemed to be well, selfish. If you had a preference of love for yourself over others you were believed to be…
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